Campus Facilities

Boulder Creek Academy’s campus facilities are situated on 180-acres at the base of the Cabinet Mountains. The campus is home to Quixote Lodge. This building acts as the hub of the campus and contains classrooms, an auditorium, offices, and a “great room” complete with a magnificent stone fireplace. Surrounded by comfortable couches and chairs, students gather here to relax. It is also where the entire school community gathers daily for community-wide announcements and presentations.

The campus also includes a greenhouse and garden, our Learning Center building where special education and therapeutic services are provided, a dining hall, dorms and a pond.

Sign at Boulder Creek Academy's campus facility

A student on campus facilities grounds at Boulder Creek Academy

A view of the campus facilities of Boulder Creek Academy

Boulder Creek Academy's campus facilities sits on 180-acres at the base of the Cabinet Mountains.

Campus faculties at Boulder Creek Academy feature many treas.