Find answers to frequently asked questions about Boulder Creek Academy’s facility and residential services below:

How many students currently reside at Boulder Creek Academy?

41 students are currently enrolled at BCA. 

What is the student body make-up?

Boulder Creek Academy is a coed gender hybrid school, with a balance of coed activities and academics, allowing for opportunities to practice healthy relationships. We also offer a variety of gender specific activities. 

What is the age range and average length of stay?

Boulder Creek Academy accepts students 13-17 years old and older students may stay until their 19th birthday. General length of stay varies from 12-18 months, depending upon goals, progress and “what’s next”. There are numerous discussions, calls and meetings along the way to help parents determine the best plan. 

What is the student to teacher ratio?

Our small classes allow for a great deal of individualized time and attention for each student. The average class size is six to eight students.

What are student classes/classrooms like?

Our classes are small, teacher led and designed to challenge the students’ full abilities while providing support for students with various challenges.  Math classes range from basic math, project math, algebra and geometry and up to calculus. Science classes range from earth science, life science, integrated science astronomy, and biology up to chemistry.  English classes are terrific, art classes are varied, and social studies are relevant and interesting.  We have a Learning Center on campus that provides additional support in challenging areas for students.  At any time, up to 15 of our students are meeting with the specialists several times a week to work on scaffolding designed to increase success in academics. Our staff reviews recent testing, administers additional testing and then offers recommendations.

How long is an academic term?

Terms are 16 weeks each for a total of three trimesters, followed by a break week with activities or a home visit for qualified students.  Students may participate in off campus daily activities or off campus overnights, such as kayaking or camping trips, carpentry or building for a community service project, science trip to the Nature Bridge in Olympia Washington, Native American education experience or a biking/rafting trip. 

Can my child graduate from Boulder Creek Academy and receive a high school diploma?

Yes. We are accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission and do grant diplomas.

How often will I see my child?

Family visits are arranged approximately every eight weeks. Families may also visit on both the Thanksgiving holiday and Winter Break.  The progression for visits starts with a first visit weekend on campus, second weekend “hours off during the day” and third weekend overnights in a nearby hotel with family.  By the fourth visit, most students are in the challenge phase and available for home visits (some are ready earlier and some later) as allowed in the academic schedule.  On each visit, therapeutic goals, activities and expectations are outlined in advance for students and their families. 

How often will we participate in family therapy?

Family therapy occurs via telephone or an online video platform weekly with a second social call after completing the first phase. Your child’s therapist will coordinate with you to schedule a regular time for these calls.

Do you offer medication management?

Boulder Creek Academy contracts with a board-certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist who handles medication management. If your student is currently on medication, please bring an adequate supply. If your child is not currently on medication, and you are interested in exploring the possibility, we can arrange for a consultation with the Psychiatrist. We can also work with our Psychiatrist to evaluate and potentially reduce your child’s medication if so advised.


What type of supervision is provided during the night?

An awake staff member resides in each of the dorms overnight and checks on students numerous times per hour. In addition, there is an administrator on-call on evenings and weekends as well as a nurse.

Will my child have access to technology?

Students may have an IPod shuffle from home after they complete their first few weeks of farm classes. There is a computer lab for completing academic work, some access to Wii games, and netbooks for class work. We also work with families on reintegrating students into the “technology” world through visits as they progress in the program.

Can you accommodate special diets?

Yes. We provide vegetarian offerings at each meal and can accommodate most dietary requests.