“Boulder Creek Academy helped me face my demons, build my strengths, brighten my future, lessen my anxiety, learn to live a sober lifestyle, trust in others, become okay with who I am as a person, and have hope and motivation for my future.” – Michael P. (Dec. 2017)

“I want to thank the entire Boulder Creek community for giving my son a chance and hanging in there even though it was quite tough at times. Loving the “difficult to love” child is a gift. – Mark L. (August 2017)

“I was at Boulder Creek Academy for 18 months and it was the best thing that has happened in my life. This school changed my life. When I first arrived I was defiant, angry, undisciplined and falling off the deep end. They never gave up on me and have turned me into the man I am today. BCA changed my life for the better. I now count a lot of the staff as family and miss them dearly. Thank you for everything. – Hank J. (June 2017)

“My daughter is more mature and in touch with her feelings since she attended BCA. I am enjoying having her at home. Even though she has lived far away, I feel much closer to her now. Thank you Boulder Creek Academy for doing such fine work with her. – Elena S. (June 2017)

“When you send a child to therapeutic boarding school you never know who will make the difference for him or her. In this instance, it was you. Thank you for guiding him and for caring about him. He leaves Boulder Creek a better young man because of your concern.” – Laura M. (Feb. 2015)

“I just wanted to thank you for all the good work you have been doing with my son. I know it is your job, but you care about these kids and I can tell, you truly want to help them. You are a constant source of comfort and guidance for my husband and I. I can honestly say the journey has been very difficult but you have helped our family recover and grow. Someday, maybe 10 years from now, it is my hope that you receive a letter from our son thanking you for helping him accept himself and choosing a positive path in life. Thank you, thank you.” – Karen H. (Jan. 2015)

“In her public high school, our daughter was flunking everything except she had a D in science. We felt we were facing an absolute brick wall and had no idea what to do about the problem until we heard about Boulder Creek. Our daughter is graduating from high school next week. Her father and I are immensely grateful for the change in her behavior and attitude that occurred during her time at Boulder Creek. She has become a very different person. She plans to start college in the fall, which we wouldn’t have thought possible a few years ago. Thanks so much to all of you!” – Margery L. (June 2014)

“I can’t believe that it was almost two years ago that I came to Boulder Creek and now I am terrified to leave. I have everything I could want here, a great support system with adults that I trust and friends. I am going to miss Boulder Creek. As much as I have hated it at times, this has become my home and my second family. So thank you all for helping me through what I needed to do to get here to graduation day. And, I know this would not be possible without my parents. I know this has not been easy, but we have come to a better understanding about each other and this has made us a stronger family throughout. ” – Helen J. (May 2014)

“Over the years, “I’ve fallen into a lot of holes. Since I came to BCA, I’ve learned where the holes are located. I’m not perfect. I have a long journey ahead and possibly more holes in my future, but I will fight through them all because I am strong. I‘ve learned many lessons here: coping skills, how to live with large groups of people, and how to gain long lasting friendships.” – Sam B. (May 2014)

“Boulder Creek means much more to me today than it did when I first arrived or even just a few months ago. There is so much that this school has done for me and, even though this place can be frustrating sometimes, I am extremely grateful I was sent here. Boulder Creek is not just my school; the campus is my home, the students are my siblings and the staff members are my parents.” – BCA Student (Feb. 2014)

“My depression was the leading reason for my placement at Boulder Creek and I can say that I am a happy person now. One of my greatest accomplishments has been my growth in communication not only with my family but with everyone in general. My life at home, before BCA, consisted of Facebook, video games and doing anything I wasn’t supposed to. My life now involves rock climbing, rafting, snowboarding running, weightlifting, sports and even P-90x. I am in the best shape of my life thanks to Boulder Creek Academy, and yes, I know that sounds really corny and infomercial of me, but it is true. In addition to family relationship, mental health and physical health, I have made great strides in my academic performance. I have just recently reached an overall GPS of 3.0 and received the high honor roll award last term. I also just finished my applications to multiple colleges.” – BCA Student (Feb. 2014)

“It is a surreal experience that a parent goes through once they recognize that the issues their child struggles with need to be addressed at a “higher level”. And, then to further admit that the entire family, not just their child, is in crisis causes us to go into combat mode. Enormous financial and emotional decisions are then made in a ‘nano-second’ of time. Who plans for that? I speak in the third person because this experience is not unique to me or to my family but to all. I now speak for myself. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude that my ‘nano-second’ decision has proved to be an extraordinary experience. Thank you for your investment in the success of my son, and every other student that comes to your door. Each of you, regardless of your role is so invested in their welfare and future. Thank you, thank you for your endurance, your patience, your understanding and your love.” – Maureen B. (March 2014)

“We will never forget your kindness as we struggled with our son. I am so pleased to update you. He is pleasant to be around and is focused on the future. What you do makes a big difference.” – Laura M. (July 2013)

“Once again, I want to say thanks to BCA for the instrumental role you played in turning my son’s life around. I recognize this is a journey, not a race, but at this “mile marker,” it was important for me to share this with you.” – Steve T. (July 2013)

“My son had a wonderful time on this Challenge Quest! He did things that he never thought he could do. The self confidence he gained is priceless and the memories he will have of this adventure will last a lifetime.” -Janell L. (June 2013)

“Last week, we met with district officials to review our son’s IEP. At one point someone said, ‘There must be something wrong here. The difference between his reading test scores in October and from his testing in April is pretty significant. There must be something going on here.’

I told him ‘Yes, something is going on. Our son has been working one hour a day, four days a week, for four months at the Learning Center at Boulder Creek Academy. THAT is the difference between his scores. They are actually addressing his needs.’Their response was, ‘Oh.’

This is all huge stuff to me. This is the reason I chose BCA. This is the kind of help that will unlock my son’s potential in everything he does. Thanks for all you do for ALL the kids at Boulder Creek Academy every day. You are making a difference in these kids’ lives.” – Jeff H. (June 2013)

“I learned how to handle academic stress while at BCA; and that is really important in my life.” – Casey (May 2013)

“At Boulder Creek Academy I learned to ask for what I need, it’s the best way to get your needs met.” – Kyra (May 2013)

“I learned to live my life to its fullest at Boulder Creek.” – Grant (Dec. 2012)

“Boulder Creek was the best thing that ever happened to me.” – Chad (Dec. 2012)

“There are so many people who will tell you that you can’t. What you’ve got to do is turn around and say, “Watch Me!” – Janie (Dec. 2012)