Learning Center

In Boulder Creek Academy’s Learning Center our special education faculty will work with your child (if required) to strengthen fundamental skills essential for the learning process and support them with academic coaching.

Students benefit from services that develop phonemic awareness, passage comprehension, attention and concentration capabilities, operational and problem solving abilities, and working memory. Comprehensive testing is used to assess current level of ability and to track progress.

Below find a list of the specific programs the Learning Center uses, the fundamental skills addressed by the program, and the core academic area associated with the skill.


Program Fundamental Skills Academic Focus Area
LIPS Phonemic Awareness Reading
Seeing Stars
  • Phonetic Awareness
  • Symbol Imagery
  • Efficiency
  • Working Memory
  • Reading
  • Increased fluency and accuracy in task completion
  • Increased ability to hold and manipulate new information
On Cloud Nine Symbol Imagery Mathematics – basic skill level
Visualizing and Verbalizing Concept Imagery
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Written Language
Learning Break Through
  • Attention and Concentration
  • Efficiency
  • Increased ability to control focus
  • Increased fluency and accuracy in task completion
Ace Reader Efficiency
  • Reading
  • Mathematics

Through their work at the Learning Center, students are able to enhance fundamental academic skills. Here is an example of some of the academic growth our students have seen:

Phoneme Awareness
Student progressed from:

  • 3rd grade to 9th grade level
  • 4rd grade to college level
  • 5th grade to college level

Oral Reading Accuracy
Student progressed from:

  • 5th grade to college level
  • 4th grade to 9th grade level

Student progressed from:

  • 3rd grade to 7th grade level
  • 5th grade to 8th grade level

Reading Comprehension
Student progressed from:

  • 4th grade to 6th grade level
  • 7th grade to college level
  • 8th grade to 10th grade level

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching helps your child  become aware of and build strategies around skills such as time/task management, planning and organization, problem-solving, and self-advocacy.

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology devices provide your child assistance in completing tasks that might otherwise be difficult. The Learning Center has audible text available if your child needs assistance in reading efficiency. We also have speech recognition programs to assist your child with written processes.