These experiences are fun, challenging and provide many teachable moments and opportunities for your child to build self-esteem, discover new strengths, learn team-building and leadership skills, and practice social and communication skills.

Learn more about our school activities that we offer students:

Student Adventure Skill Building Opportunities

White Water Kayaking Training
This four-day clinic teaches students basic whitewater kayaking skills. Students will begin working in a pond and learn skills paddling strokes and how to roll a kayak. They will then head to moving water and under the watchful eye of instructors and our adventure education staff, will apply their skills. This is a great chance for your son or daughter to learn a new and exciting sport.

Smith Rocks Climbing Expedition
Eastern Oregon is home to one of the best sport-climbing areas in the world. With more than 1,600 routes and amazing views, Smith Rocks National Recreation Area is an ideal location to introduce students to the art of rock climbing. The rock faces are composed of welded tuff (compressed volcanic ash) and reach a height of up to 550 feet creating a rock amphitheatre that is a magical and powerful place to climb. Our students will be climbing 70 to 90 feet high and will be learn how to top-rope climb. This experience is a “challenge by choice” event and each student will have the ability to pick his or her own personal climbing goals to achieve in this amazing world of red rocks.