BCA Gone Fishin’

The Boulder Creek Academy campus is situated on 180-acres and one of its many attributes is a sizeable pond. Students have been working alongside Therapist Jared Sartel, who is also an avid fly fisherman, to create a sustainable fishing environment in the pond.

Several months ago, students and staff stocked the pond with native Westslope Cutthroat trout. The trout are thriving in the pond and have gained almost two inches in length.

While the trout are establishing their habitat, students are working to identify sustainable fishing regulations to ensure healthy and respectful use of this unique fishery. In addition, they created informational signs outlining regulations and educational facts on the trout. Students are also ensuring that the fishing tackle on campus meets the criteria outlined in the regulations by ensuring there all no barbs. The fishing in the pond will be catch and release only.

Students have been patiently and anxiously awaiting the time when they will be able to fly fish in the pond and that time has come. Students are enjoying learning and developing the skill of fly fishing in the pond that they helped turn into a sustainable fishery.

“With this resource we have a wonderful opportunity to teach student inhibition of impulses and being considerate to those who will be coming after us,” explained Sartel.