Boulder Creek Academy Going to the Dogs

We are pleased to announce that Boulder Creek Academy is going to the dogs. A number of animal shelter dogs are now residing on our campus learning new tricks, teaching our students new tricks, and then being adopted back into the community.

Students are fully immersing themselves in the socialization, care, training and exercising of the shelter dogs. They are using the “clicker” training method, which is an evidence-based system that relies completely on positive feedback. In addition, students are assisting in the process of helping the dogs find a forever home.

Housed in our new kennel, the dogs are benefiting from our students teaching them new tricks, such as how to sit, stay, and walk on a leash. The dogs, in turn are teaching our students important lessons regarding patience, responsibility, accountability and more.

In addition to the shelter dog rehabilitation program, Boulder Creek Academy students’ benefit from therapeutic horseback riding and taking care of a number of animals housed on campus including pigs, calves, and chickens. Animals are part of an educational and therapeutic strategy that helps students develop important social and emotional skills as they work collaboratively to care for the animals.