Community Building Week Adventures

Boulder Creek Academy students are off for a week of adventure during the break week that takes place in between academic terms.
The academy’s male students are participating in a 360 degree construction basics initiative. Working alongside a master builder, they will participate in the design, material preparation and construction of three different building projects. This community service project is helping an area non-profit organization. In the evenings, the boys are enjoying Frisbee golf and swimming in the nearby lake.

Female students are participating in a whitewater kayaking class in the northwest corner of Montana. The girls will begin working on flat water and will move to Class II swift water. The final day they will experience a Class III rapid. Opportunities also exist for them to paddle board and they are supporting in the setting-up and breaking-down of camp and cooking meals.

Boulder Creek Academy creates a therapeutic learning environment for students where every experience is designed to promote self-awareness, social interaction, and therapeutic growth. Our mission is to reignite our students’ belief in themselves by utilizing time-tested and proven methods. Students begin to experience academic achievement, regain self-esteem, learn to embrace their uniqueness and become capable learners who are confident in themselves.