Dottie the Dog

Dottie, a 10 year old dog, was rescued from an abusive home and placed in the care of a shelter where she waited to be adopted. Here she became extremely depressed and gained weight until one day, her life changed.

Dottie was selected participate in Boulder Creek Academy’s Second Chance K-9 Ranch program, where students socialize dogs and teach them basic commands to help them become more adoptable. Students, in turn, learn leadership skills, demonstrate responsibility and practice patience and compassion.

 On her first day at Boulder Creek Academy, Dottie couldn’t or wouldn’t walk. She would simply sit down and refuse to move. Over time, Dottie began to thrive from the attention and love she was receiving from the students and she gradually came out of her shell. She showed a renewed zest for life and began to fetch a ball, speak on command, catch a ball tossed high into the air, and become proficient at responding to directions such as sit, lay down, drop, speak and come.

 The goal of Boulder Creek Academy’s canine program is to help find dogs their forever home. Boulder Creek Academy students wanted to come up with a plan to remove any barriers to Dottie finding her forever home. They knew they couldn’t do anything about her age or breed, so they decided to raise her adoption fee by making homemade rope leashes to sell around campus. Not only did the students raise Dottie’s adoption fee, they raised the money for two more dogs to be adopted from the shelter.

 Dottie has a healthy, new outlook on life and is waiting for her forever family. A dog with a heart this big deserves a home and the creative students at Boulder Creek Academy deserve an A+ for their ingenuity and compassion.