a graduation speaker talks about their education that was received at Boulder Creek Academy For our students, attending school has never been a picnic. Beginning at a young age they would often hear their teacher state, “everyone gets this right?” and the teacher would then move on to another topic. Our students would sit quietly at their desk wondering why they didn’t “get it” when everyone else did. They felt lost and different. Regardless of all the support, tutoring and other special services their parents lined up to help, they still felt different in a traditional academic setting. It wasn’t fun.

At Boulder Creek Academy, we have two decades worth of experience working with non-traditional learners. Here your child will come to identify and make the most of their academic strengths, while also developing successful strategies to cope with areas of academic deficit. The goal is to inspire your child and to instill a sense of self-confidence in their self and in their academic abilities.

We invite you to look through our web site to learn more about how we can help your child.