May Adventure Education with Dave Frost

Hello All,

On Tuesday a group of hungry climbers went bouldering at the Sandpoint Rock Gym. We had the place to ourselves and the group got after it. Students have been working hard on their traversing skills and recognizing that it is not all about getting to the top.

Thursday we completed getting rounds bucked up from the cotton wood dropped over in the horse pasture and delivered the rest of the rounds to the Gray Wolf site at Northwest Academy. As a lightning storm passed us by, we worked together in the rain to build the tomahawk range well into the dark. The range is easily twice the size of the other range that is still standing just behind the new edition. All students worked extremely hard in order to get the job done. Someone accidentally left a dome light on and when we went to start the car, the battery would not do its job. We were soon rescued by transportation as they came by. Students enjoyed telling wilderness stories as we waited for the help.

Today, we had to adapt our hiking route as 20 Mile Road is closed due to wash out and logging purposes, so we went to Mikkinnick Trail in Sandpoint. The students were great sports as we geared up and started climbing with snowshoes attached, just in case. Within the first mile, the steep incline took a couple members out of the hike and assisting staff was kind enough to bring them back to school as the four others charged on up to the top. As we approached the top, we got snowed on and then enjoyed our lunch in the wet and cold weather. The snowshoes were just for show as the only snow we saw were small patches off the trail. We cruised down in near silence as the 7 mile hike took its toll on our feet and knees. Students felt very accomplished at the end and seeds were sown for future hikes this summer.

Sincerely, with Gratitude,

David Frost
Adventure Education Supervisor
Boulder Creek Academy