Student Activities in July

Staff and students enjoyed a variety of activities during the month of July. Here are just a few of the activities students participated in.
• An action packed Fourth of July celebration including an Amazing Race styled game where students divided into 5 teams and each team had to successfully complete 10 stations. Student teams were awarded prizes for finishing and team work.
• Student athletes played in a local 3 on 3 basketball tournament and went up against our sister school for several games.
• Students were caring for baby birds and helping them back into their fallen nests.
• Meditation and yoga were offered for some extra weekend relaxation.
• Staff and students went to Sandpoint to see the movie Finding Dory.
• Several students went hiking up Clifty Mountain to take in the 360 degree views of the surrounding area.
• The equine class got to ride for the new semester. It was the first time in the saddle for some students and they did a great job.
• A group of kids attended the Huckleberry Festival in Priest Lake, Idaho where they got to hear live music and see local artisans and search and rescue demonstrations.
• The girls took a trip to town for a nice, relaxing spa day and some thrift store shopping.
• Several students went off campus to Concrete Lake Skate Park in Sandpoint to test their skate boarding skills.
• Equine and canine students got together to construct a temporary electric fence for the horses. They pounded posts and stretched wire in preparation for the horses’ move to the new pasture.
• Several students went off campus to hike around Copper Falls and Robinson Lake and enjoy the splendor of our area.
• During a parent visit weekend, several staff, students and parents went bowling in Bonners Ferry and topped the evening off with pizza and wings.
• Students took the time to explore their interests and activities included skateboarding, knitting, magic and other cool games and crafts.
• Students and their families took off on the week long Salmon River whitewater rafting trip.
It was an eventful and exciting month full of wonder and growth!