Daily Schedule

Below is a daily schedule for students who attend Boulder Creek Academy,a therapeutic boarding school with a state-approved special education program, located in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

Daily Weekday Schedule
6:45am Wake-up, Shower and Straighten Personal Dorm Space
7:45am Breakfast
8:30am Activities and Chores, Animal Care
9:15am 1st Academic Period
10:20am 2nd Academic Period
11:25am Group Therapy
12:30pm Lunch
1:35pm 3rd Academic Period
2:40pm 4th Academic Period
3:45pm Activities
4:30pm Dinner
5:30pm Gender Specific Activities/Free time/Animal Care/Evening Activities
7:45pm Evening Snack
8:00pm Free Time, Transition to Dorms, Prepare for Bed
9:30pm Lights Out